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The development of the black silicon cell improves the efficiency of solar cells

The Finnish Parliament granted a € 110,000 Innovation Award for Women to Professor Hele Savin of Aalto University for science-leading and innovative work. The Innovation Award was awarded to the black silicon cell that was developed by the research team, which in 2015 broke the efficiency ratio of nanotubescent solar cells.

The silicon cell developed by Savin's team is completely black. Thanks to its nanostructure, the surface of the cell does not reflect virtually any light. According to Professor Savin, it can also capture the photons at a much lower angle than before thus increasing the efficiency.

Naps' Chief Technology Officer, D.Sc. (Tech.) Mikko A. Juntunen is involved in the same research team to develop other applications from the award-winning technology.

As a company, Naps Solar is part of the Savin Group's research co-operation, where Naps's role is to produce more powerful solar modules from the new black cells. ”This is where the potential of photovoltaic energy is improved. When these solar modules hit the production, the functional efficiency also improves cost efficiency.” says Mikko A. Juntunen.


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