Incomes from forest renewal used to invest into a photovoltaic system
Naps Solar System at Kaupin tila Petäjävesi

Forest and dairy farm Kauppi, located in Petäjävesi central Finland reduces its carbon footprint for future generations. The income from the renewal of a 90 years old spruce forest was invested into a biogas vehicle and to a 16.8 kilowatt photovoltaic system. The investment to photovoltaic system was also partly financed by the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. This was done because owners of the farm value renewable energy and with these improvements the energy self-sufficiency will be high.

The Kauppi farm is owned by two siblings with their families. The farm has been inhabited by the same household since the 18th century. Their fundamental values are continuous and sustainable development of the farm for future generations.

Solar power is the most practical solution on polar glacier's demanding conditions
Naps Solar System at Aboa weather station at Antarctica

Naps manufactured an autonomous solar photovoltaic system for the Finnish Antarctic research station Aboa in 2003-2004. The Aboa Weather Station, maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, updates weather data every three hours for an…

Finland's first apartment building integrated photovoltaic system is still a modern solution after 15 years
Naps Solar System installed into balcony railing in Eko-Viikki, Helsinki.

The environmental aspects of solar energy were of interest to the decision-makers of Helsinki at the beginning of the millennium. This interest was one of the driving forces for Naps to install the first building integrated photovoltaic system to an apartment building Salvia in the Eko-Viikki area in 2002. The system is still a modern and energy-efficient solution today.

At the beginning of the millennium, solar modules for summer cottages had been built already for a couple of decades, but larger, grid connected integrated solar power systems were still very rare. The Salvia apartment building guarding the entrance to the…

Apartment building Pohjolankatu 18-20 installs the first two-way district heating in Finland
Naps Solar System installations started September 19th.

Apartment building Pohjolankatu 18-20 in Tampere represents Finnish property management expertise through its very advanced energy projects. The property will e.g. be the first in Finland to install a two-way district heating. The company has been selected for the second time as a pilot for the EU's GUGLE project, which seeks and tests models for basic renovation of buildings towards zero energy levels. EU's goal is to spread the models to the Smart Cities network and across Europe by 2020. Naps Solar installs a 20.4 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of Pohjolankatu 18-20.

Naps Solar is involved in the EU GUGLE pilot project in Tampere

Pohjolankatu 18-20 apartment building company in Tampere is a typical Finnish property built in the 1980s, consisting of 54 apartment and 4,770m2 as a whole. However,…

Solar power pioneer Naps Solar and leading energy consultant Enegia agreed on co-operation
Photo: Naps Solar system at Marrakesh airport

The Finnish Energy Efficiency Act sets companies decrees that require energy expertise. At the same time, the importance of energy is growing, energy efficiency is continuously improving, the energy systems are becoming more diversified and, as climate awareness increases, responsible energy consumption is becoming a necessity for companies.

Expert support is increasingly sought for the management of energy procurement and consumption and for making the right choices for the company regarding energy. Naps Solar Systems Oy and Enegia Group Oy agreed on partnership in combining local solar power production with Enegia's EnerKey system to assist customers.

Due to the ongoing strong change within energy sector, the enterprise energy management has become more complex than ever before, coupled not only with economic factors, but also with accountability and sustainability.