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Vatajankosken Sähkö delivers 54 kW photovoltaic system to Promeco

Vatajankosken Sähkö delivers 54 kW photovoltaic system to Promeco

Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy and Naps Solar Systems Oy have signed a dealership contract for solar photovoltaic systems. The cooperation starts with a 54 kilowatt system delivery to an electro-mechanical systems and services specialist company, Promeco Oy. The new system will be installed at Promeco's Pansia production plant in Kankaanpää.

Naps Solar Systems Oy, part of the Taaleri Circular Economy Private Equity Fund, got a new domestic energy company as a dealer partner in the summer when Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy in Satakunta chose Naps as their supplier for photovoltaic power systems. Vatajankosken Sähkö intends to be strongly involved in the transformation of the energy sector.

"Circular economy and sustainable development in all consumption sectors are important for our future. We share similar values and quality of operations with Naps Solar. It was an easy decision to increase our energy portfolio offering with solutions that are of high quality, durable and improve our carbon neutrality", says Petri Paajanen, CEO of Vatajankosken Sähkö.

"Vatajankosken Sähkö was awarded in the spring with the Finnish Energy’s Climate Achievement Award. The company has advanced new energy solutions and is a dynamic player in the market. They are a great addition to our domestic dealer network", says Naps CEO Jussi Ojanen.

The first joint project for Promeco Oy

Naps' photovoltaic systems are part of Electricity Business unit in Vatajankosken Sähkö led by Head of Energy Business Jalmari Rossi. The first 54 kilowatt system will be installed at Promeco Oy's production plant in Kankaanpää. Promeco choosing to invest in a photovoltaic system was part of the carbon footprint neutralization project and Sustainability Strategy of the company.

"We decided to invest in the photovoltaic system and increase the use of renewable energy as the renovation of the roof of our Kankaanpää plant became relevant. “Vatajankosken Sähkö has been our reliable local partner for years, so it is a pleasure to build a system together with them and Naps. To us, the solar power is an investment to the future", says Promeco’s Chairman of the Board Jenni von Veh

"Promeco chose the high-quality Naps Saana 300 module for the Pansia production plant’s photovoltaic system. A total of 180 modules with a nominal power of 300 watts each are installed. These make up the 54 kilowatt system solution", describes Rossi the chosen entity. Installation of the solar system will start in September and will be available for production by October.

For more information:

Naps Solar System Oy, CEO Jussi Ojanen, or 050 453 6801

Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy, CEO Petri Paajanen, or 044 578 2275

Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy, Head of Energy Business Jalmari Rossi, or 044 578 2256

Promeco Group Oy, Chairman of the Board Jenni von Veh, or +358 50 058 3730