Submitted by Riku Inkinen on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 17:09

Naps Solar teams up with major energy companies as owners and resellers

Naps Solar Systems Oy, which of the majority is owned by Taaleri recycling fund, and domestic energy companies Pori Energia Oy, Rauman Energia Oy, Vakka-Suomen Voima Oy and Oulun Seudun Energia have agreed on the supply and sale of Naps photovoltaic systems. At the same time, energy companies will acquire a stake in Naps Solar Oy. Cooperation is a major step in the field of systematic domestic and photovoltaic electricity production in Finland.

Solar photovoltaic power is the most growing industry of energy production in the world. Its production cost has also dropped very fast. This has also increased the demand for solar power in Finland. Four domestic power companies decided to invest in solar power to participate in rapid development and to bring new solutions to their customers. Under the agreed co-operation arrangement, energy companies sell, market and install solar photovoltaic systems implemented by Naps. Naps is responsible for technology, design, equipment and expertise for energy companies. Product development is also done in completely new areas.

"Energy industry is under constant change and solar photovoltaic is a more attractive option for our customers. In addition to the competitiveness of photovoltaic systems, energy companies and quality and reliability are key criteria when talking about customer decades of energy investments. We want to provide our customers with profound expertise in photovoltaic, responsible, and guaranteed quality. By working together, we also create the basis for developing other decentralized energy production services. Naps' experience is a strong foundation for co-operation, which was sealed with the company's shareholding, "summed up the arrangements made by the leaders of energy companies.

Naps has produced hundreds of thousands of photovoltaic solutions for four decades and all over the world. Experience has accumulated abundantly in very different circumstances.

"The goal of our new energy company partners is to serve their customer with total solutions. Naps' high-quality and competitive photovoltaic and energy storage solutions are a great addition to the services of energy companies to their customers, and we trust that cooperation will bring significant growth potential to all parties, "says Jussi Ojanen, CEO of Naps.

Naps Solar Group, one of the world's oldest Solar Power Specialists, has recently gained a new boost in growth through the world's first recycling fund, the Taaleri Kiertotalous Ky.

"With this agreement, Naps significantly strengthens its distribution capacity and ownership in Finland. The confidence shown by energy companies in the knowledge of Naps is a strong signal of the company's competitiveness, "says Taaleri's Investment Manager Pontus Oinonen.