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Kivikylä's Kotipalvaamo Säkylä meatball factory operates from now on with a new 248 kilowatt Naps solar system making the meatball production even more sustainable. The project was implemented by VSV-Energia Oy and the solar power experts of Naps were responsible for the design of the photovoltaic system and the PV construction project. The new system is controlled with VSV-Energia's remote monitoring, which allows the factory to ensure real-time monitoring of the power production and focus on its own expertise in the meatball production itself.

Naps Solar System Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo
The renovated water roof and brand nwe PV system at Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo in Säkylä. Photo: Elšan Korkman.


Manufacturing tasty meatballs requires expertise - just like creating a professional PV system

“Consumers today are more aware of responsibility and their choices guide companies to more responsible operations. The interest to experiment also guided us to make a purchase decision,” says Jari Laihonen, CEO of Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo, in the company's own press release on the background of PV system procurement.

Juho Sulin, the project manager who designed the PV system, says that the tripartite cooperation was very professional and that the factory responded well to Naps' proposal to repair the factory's water roof before installing the solar system.

“A high-quality solar system is operative on the roof for more than 30 years, so we always also inspect mounting surfaces and pressure loads from this perspective. At this site, we recommended that the customer replaces the water roof before installing the PV system, so that it doesn’t have to be dismantled or relocated for the duration of the water roof repair within the first ten years after its completion. ”

Naturally it is possible to dismantle or relocate the PV system for the duration of the repair, but by combining the work phases, significant time and money can be saved at best, for example in terms of liftings, planning and project management work.

“In this project he customer's water roof contractor progressed before the solar system installation, and we completed both the water roof and the solar system as a one project. This was achieved through thorough professional planning and scheduling, and in good collaboration with the client as well as the roofing contractor. The now renovated roof of the factory will certainly generate pure solar electricity for the next decades without worries - and this will be ensured by VSV-Energia's remote monitoring of the PV system, ”says Sulin.