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Aberdeen Asset Management Finland Ltd is installing a solar power plant of more than 120 kilowatts on the roofs of its industrial warehouses in Hämeenlinna. The new plant, supplied by Naps Solar Systems, will built on the roofs of two separate properties and will be completed by the end of the year. Naps is responsible for the design, implementation and remote monitoring of the plant. The plant's annual output is over 100 megawatt hours.

The Itäportintie 3 real estate is located in Moreeni business district, on a traffic hub of key routes and only five kilometers from Hämeenlinna. The logistics real estate is owned by the APFF 1 Real Estate Fund, whose investors are domestic institutional real estate investors. As the trusted property manager, Aberdeen leases the high quality warehouse and terminal facilities for several major domestic and international logistics customers.

"The Moreeni business district is proven to be the most cost-efficient Finnish warehousing and distribution point for deliveries from the ports of Helsinki and Turku to all over Finland. Our customers are responsible companies for whom we want to provide a more carbon-neutral service in a modern logistics center,” says Aberdeen Senior Asset Manager Pekka Riikonen.

Itäportintie 3 real estate has two separate buildings and a total of 15,000 square meters of storage space for industrial use. In addition, office space and special storage space for example for flammable liquids are also available. The new part of the property was completed in 2011.

"The Naps solar power plant produces more than 100 megawatt hours of renewable photovoltaic electricity annually. Optimized heating and lighting conditions are the key energy saving targets in logistics warehouses when terminal operates on 24/7 cycle year around. In addition to energy savings, the environmental impact of energy procurement has a significant impact on responsible business. The photovoltaic power plant will produce more than 10 percent of the total annual electricity for the industrial estate for at least the next thirty years," estimates Visa Koivu, an energy expert from the construction consulting company HTJ Ltd, who is responsible for the construction of the project.

Naps Solar System at Aberdeen Itäportintie Hämeenlinna

Project engineer Juha Majuri from Naps says Aberdeen’s solar power plant is being built as two separate systems. "The smaller system with 76 panels and 21 kilowatts, is built on the old part of the property. The larger part consists of 380 panels and 103 kilowatts. Both systems are built as floating systems on flat roofs. We supply the solar power plant as a turnkey service, in addition to which we monitor the production of the plant remotely. "

For more information:
Senior Asset Manager Pekka Riikonen, Aberdeen Asset Management Finland Ltd, or 010 304 0360

Energy expert Visa Koivu, HTJ Ltd, or 044 556 6654

CEO Jussi Ojanen, Naps Solar Systems Oy, or 050 453 6801