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The real estate development plan for the Tallinn waterfront area will integrate the harbor more closely into the city. The complex terminal area reconstruction and expansion project also looked at energy efficiency and since the start of the summer the D-terminal has had it’s own 69 kilowatt Naps rooftop system in use.

“We are very pleased with the extensive development of Terminal D and the great cooperation with our long-term partner Nordecon AS. Now the solar system reduces the terminal's electricity bill and provides pure solar electricity for the daily use of passenger ships and the terminal, ”says Ander Pukk, CEO of the Naps Solar Estonia.

Ander Pukk Naps Solar Estonia

The Old Port of Tallinn is one of the largest passenger terminals in Estonia. The port's largest D-terminal alone serves more than 6 million passengers annually. The port is familiar to Scandinavian travellers as e.g. Tallink's Europa, Star and Megastar are routed from here to Helsinki and Baltic Queen and Victoria to Stockholm.

Naps Solar System at Tallinn terminal D  Naps Solar System at Tallinn terminal D  Naps Solar System at Tallinn